Flashback: Hasn't Janet Yellen done enough damage?

She's made a ton of money though. So there's that.

Had to track down this June 2017 clip via Archive.org, a good resource. You can search through captions for CNBC, for example, but sadly only back to 2013.

I wrote this about Yellen in December 2017: No, The Fed Is Not Populist

I’ve written about Janet Yellen quite a bit over the years, because she’s been an omnipresent serial disaster for most Americans, for decades. The Zelig of bad monetary policy (a female Larry Summers).

The fact that she is now Treasury Secretary is a sick joke. She is the personification of the Peter Principle.

Yellen’s boss, Larry Fink.

Anyway, I won’t overwhelm you by pulling out all my old rants, today anyway. (I covered some of this in June 2022’s Janet Yellen is a Menace to Society.)

Suffice to say, it’s been all downhill for America ever since, “in 1977, Yellen took a job within the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors after failing to win tenure at Harvard…”


Rudy Havenstein