A Havenstein Moment.
All I Wanted Was A Pepsi.
My first speaking part, with Grant Williams and Stephanie Pomboy.

My first speaking part, with Grant Williams and Stephanie Pomboy.

Yeah, I don't know why they wanted me on either.


I looked, and my first interaction with Grant Williams was in 2013, around the time he started Realvision with Raoul Pal. We’ve been DM’ing since at least 2015, when I think he first asked me to come on Realvision.

So here’s this now nearly 40-year bigtime London/Tokyo trading veteran -who seems to know everyone who’s anyone in finance - and he would actually respond to me, a weird guy on Twitter pretending to be an obscure early-20th century Prussian central banker!

One of the first things I noticed about Grant’s interviews is that he actually let his guests talk, without constantly interrupting. Also, he was always very gracious. Despite - or because of - being a fascinating and very knowledgeable guest in his own right, he had the best lineup of guests around.

My personal favorite of all time was his interview with Anthony Deden in 2018. Anyway, consider subscribing to his service, and you won’t be disappointed.

Co-host on my podcast Steph Pomboy didn’t start speaking to me until 2017 :) She is a fan of old-school punk-rock music, so that helped. I actually used to interact with her brother Eric Pomboy before her, but he wised up and got off Twitter, saving countless brain cells. Glad she showed up for the test.

Here are Grant’s most recent guests, before me:

  • Michael Kao

  • Mike Green

  • Sir Paul Tucker

  • Mike Rothman

  • Matt Stoller

  • Danielle DiMartino Booth

  • Raymond Baker

  • Steve Eisman

A ridiculous lineup, as always. How the hell did I get on?

Anyway, this post is just for my 81 million paid Substack subscribers, and I hope you like it. Grant and Steph were very nice, as always.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, which is honestly very rewarding. I was a bit nervous when I did the interview, and sort of felt like I’d rambled incoherently (it was my first Zoom call on a desktop), but I’m happy how the interview turned out.

Just the audio here - I didn’t show my face, just my cool avatar - but the voice is mine.


Professor returns from holiday to find mischievous students had coated his  entire office in kitchen foil | Daily Mail Online


A Havenstein Moment.
All I Wanted Was A Pepsi.
"I can't read his tweets the same way anymore knowing he doesn't sound like Werner Herzog." - nmstar